Perfumer’s note
Creativity compels me to create beauty in life’s fleeting moments. As a perfumer it is always my endeavor to design true note signature fragrances. As a naturalist and aroma therapist my fragrances are a reflection of the goodness of nature based on my personal belief that they have an impact on influencing moods.

I design fragrances to be timeless, rooted in centuries of perfume history and traditions. Fragrance, much like music, is a beautiful connection to cultures, experiences and memories.

Our sense of smell has the ability attract or repel, it can make us feel excited & exuberant or tender and loving. These beliefs sit at the very core of what inspires me when I develop a fragrance.

I try to offer memorable, unique fragrances that possess meaningful and joyous elements with a wish that they become a part of your own personal memories and experiences.

I hope you are charmed by the Bloomz fragrance collection and enjoy it to the fullest.

I shall feel much obliged if you provide me  feedback on your experience with the Bloomz fine aroma candles fragrances.

Best Wishes,

Senior Perfumer
Studio Indus

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