Candles - Components
  We have based our candles on traditional lines, selecting the ingredients with great care. Our candles serve a purpose beyond merely giving light and aroma. They are a unique, enchanting experience.
Wax The wax used in our candles is a blend of  ultra fine premium waxes. The blend of premium waxes heightens the effect of the aromas.
Wick The wick used is one of the finest in the world. It is made out of pure cotton with a paper core.
Aromas The aromas in our candles are created by blending exotic aromatics and essential oils. In perfumery parlance these aromas are defined as signature aromas i.e. aromas that carry the exact smell and soul of the fragrance. We hand blend the oils and aromatics in wax to create that special mystifying, fragrant feeling.
Containers Our candles have been created in specially crafted glass containers. Each aroma is depicted by a beautiful painting of the flower from which it is derived.
Top Lids Each candle is covered with a beautiful metal lid. This lid is a delightful addition to the candle and has an array of uses. It can be used to put out the candle or  can be placed under the candle when it is lit.
Candle Box Each candle is packed individually in a very artistic see through box. The box lists precautions on one side and has a very fine write up on the aroma of the candle contained in it on the other side.



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