Candles - Where art and science merge

Romance of the candle revived - Studio Indus creations are inspired by the Indus Valley site of the lost civilization of Harrapas, who were one of the most sophisticated, trade oriented, luxury conscious, urbane people of ancient India. They used delicate perfume containers and terracotta distillation equipment for extracting aromatics. This points to the existence of a civilization with a sophisticated knowledge and utilization of aromas.

Ancient people applied the art and science of using aromatics for fragrance and well being based on the theory that they have an impact on influencing moods. An aroma can attract or repel, it can make us feel excited & exuberant or tender and loving. Today, we are rediscovering this ancient art & science. Our candle aromas have been created after extensive research on the role of aromatics in life.

Our candles have been created in specially crafted glass containers. Each aroma is depicted by a beautiful painting of the flower / plant source from which it is derived. These specially commissioned paintings rendered by Reva adorn the exterior of the glass container, they come to life when the candle is lit. This beautiful container is a delight to use even after the wax is fully utilized.

Our candles contain a mix of fine waxes hand blended in exotic aromatics and essential oils. The paper core cotton wick used for wicking the candles is one of the finest in the world and is absolutely free of zinc and lead.

Our candles are created for connoisseurs who appreciate the true value of a fine aroma candle.


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